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People screenprinting at the studio together.


we are Paradise Press and Print Studio—a public access, letterpress, screenprinting, risograph, book arts, and linoleum carving studio in Gainesville, FL.  The studio provides access to print services, workshops, and community events all to share our passion for printing with you!

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A person setting type to letterpress print with.
Two people screenprint at the public workshop.
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Our studio is open to anyone with a curiosity for printing and a willingness to get a little inky. We promise you don't need any prior experience to take one of our workshops—just bring excitement and a desire to learn and be creative, we'll take care of the rest. 

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Find your class today!

Paradise Press logo for screenprinting.
Paradise Press logo for Risograph printing.
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We offer classes in screenprinting, riso printing, letterpress, bookbinding, and linoleum carving. Click on the images below to find our your class in each medium.

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