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A participant washes out their screenprint screeen in the washout booth.

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Welcome to Paradise Press! We are glad you're here.  When we're not busy teaching or helping you print, we're getting our hands dirty making colorful posters, fixing up old presses, and scouring for more wood type for the collection. It's a labor of love, but we wouldn't have it any other way.

Our own printed works are inspired by the unique marks, colors, and textures that emerge from the different printing methods we use in our studio. Beyond making our work, we are passionate about sharing knowledge, tools, and processes. This is where the open-access studio concept emerged from—so come on over and let's make something beautiful together!

Ashley Fuchs, owner of Paradise Press and Print Studio.

Ashley is a co-owner of Paradise Press and specializes in letterpress, screenprinting, and risograph printing. Her love of letterpress started in graduate school at the University of Florida and since then she’s grown her studio with presses, type, and active printing practices. 


Beyond printing, Ashley has spent the last five years teaching at Montana State University as an Assistant Professor in Graphic Design. During this time her research has specialized in documenting letterpress communities and archiving wood and metal type through public workshop opportunities. 


Ashley also loves kayaking, hiking, and eyeing new books and prints to buy. She holds a BDes in Architecture and MFA in Graphic Design from the University of Florida. 

Ashley Fuchs

Co-Owner, Designer, and Teacher 

Ariella Mostkoff, owner of Paradise Press and Print Studio.

Ariella is a co-owner of Paradise Press and specializes in digital design and providing support for workshop concepts, enrollment, and advertising for the studio. Currently, she also works as a UX designer where she makes software using AI technology. 


Ariella also ran her own press before Paradise Press that used a red-ball Heidelberg Platen Press machine in Miami, Florida where she designed stationery and various printed works. 


Ariella also loves finding new sci-fi tv series, kayaking, hiking (but only if she knows the exact elevation gain and distance), and keeping an eye out for the cutest small dogs in the neighborhood. She holds a BFA in Graphic Design from the University of Florida and an MDes from NC State. 

Ariella Mostkoff

Co-Owner, Digital Expert, and Press Enthusiast

Instructor Caroline Hurd.

Caroline Hurd

Instructor and Linoleum Expert



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Caroline is an instructor at Paradise Press, specializing in linoleum block printing. They are also a painter, baker, and ceramicist for which run their own art business, Cassava and Rye.


Outside of her artwork, Caroline works on a local regenerative farm where she grows all kinds of seasonal vegetables. Her background is in wildlife biology and environmental education, which have shaped her inspiration and favorite art subjects: plants, animals, fungi, and other organisms.


Caroline also loves cooking new recipes, camping, spending time with her cats, listening to thunderstorms, identifying frogs, and playing board games. They earned a BS in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, which is only mildly relevant; art-wise, they are largely self-taught with the help of dedicated high school teachers, videos on social media, and tips from creatively talented friends.

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