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Participants working in the letterpress studio.

studio access

At Paradise Press and Print Studio, we offer membership opportunities that empower exploration and printing on your own time. Each membership allows customized print time with the tools and machines available in the studio. It also provides members with a dedicated desk, flat file, and discounted access to any public workshop at the studio. Memberships are designed to give you dedicated time in the studio to work on concepts, produce work, and develop your knowledge through hands-on printing experience. 


The membership opportunities and mediums are described below. Each membership offers a variety of times customized for your needs and projects. Please make sure to read through membership details to understand the required training, access times, and reserving your printing time. 

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printing through 
personalized time

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Memberships Offered


Paradise logo for risograph printing.


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Memberships starting at $60 a month & includes;

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Each membership is monthly with no rolling commitment and an à la carte menu built to help customize your workspace experience —just how you need it. 

Add the time, space, and equipment you need on a month-by-month basis. As your project grows you can add more days and time as needed. Find the equipment, space, and tools you need in one place to complete your project.


days of

studio access


free high-speed

internet access


discount on workshop


private work desk with flat file storage

& more!


days of studio access

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Steps to join & reserve your time at the studio

sign-up now!

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1 / Choose your membership type

Choose between risograph, letterpress, screenprinting, or studio space for your monthly membership.

2 / Add a one-time training & safety course

If this is your first time reserving a membership in your specific print medium of interest, please make sure to add the one-time safety course associated with the medium. The services are conveniently above and below each other below!   

3 / Reserve your training time

Using our booking calendar at check-out, choose a date and time to compelte your training course. 

4 / Complete training & enroll in studio time

Once you've completed your studio safety & machine training you will be given access to the booking calendar to reserve your studio time. 

Risograph Membership

Letterpress Membership

Screenprint Membership

Workspace Membership


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We are here to help! Still have questions on how the membership works, the different prices, training courses, how to use, etc? Please reach out to us via email and we can help coordinate and customize your perfect membership! 

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