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Curious about the mediums we offer classes in? Check out definitions for each medium below, course offerings descriptions, and links to the booking calendar for each medium. All of our mediums can be explored by any experience level—come to have fun and explore at Paradise!


Still need help? Email us your questions, and we'd be happy to answer. 

Risograph Printing

aka riso

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What is riso printing? 

Imagine a laser jet printer and screenprinter had a baby and they called it Risograph printing! This machine is a duplicator that uses one color drum at a time to print with. The inks are vibrant and when overlaid create a third color. Risograph printing is easy to learn and fun to play with!

What kind of classes do you offer with Riso? 

We offer:

+ 1-hour quick printing with Riso in our Ink and Drink nights

+ 3-hour by-hand image creation

+ 3-hour 2-day course on digital risograph production

+ 4-week, 2-hour-a-week course opportunities in Riso printing 


There is something for everyone at all experience levels. Check out risograph classes here!


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Paradise icon screenprinting

What is screenprinting? 

Screenprinting uses a wood or aluminum frame to hold tight a woven mesh. Various methods are used to block or push ink through the screen including emulsion, drawing fluid, or stencil creations. Screenprinting is useful for both paper and textile work. 

What kind of classes are available for screenprinting? 

We offer:

+ 1-hour quick screenprinting in our Ink and Drink nights

+ 2-hour introduction screenprinting classes 

+ 4-week, 2-hour-a-week courses that explore 4 screenprint methods


There is something for everyone at all experience levels. Check out screenprinting classes here!

Letterpress Printing

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What is letterpress? 

Letterpress printing's formal definition is "A relief printing technique for producing many copies by repeated direct impression of an inked, raised surface onto paper." More informally, when you think letterpress printing think of Gutenberg! This technique of using individual letters, to create words that create paragraphs, which created books is the foundation of letterpress printing. Today artists use the medium to print posters or make artists' books. We use it as a fun way to compose and print with!

What kind of classes are available with l etterpress? 

We offer:

+ 1-hour quick letterpress offering in our Ink and Drink nights

+ 2-person, 2-hour instruction course

+ 3-hour, greeting card printing 


There is something for everyone at all experience levels. Check out letterpress classes here!

Book Binding

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What is book binding? 

Book binding is the simple, almost meditative state of using paper and thread to create books by hand. The joy of this method is knowledge and the ability to continue to make your own books by hand. Most hand-made books are considered artist books, especially when combined with specialized printing practices like letterpress, screenprinting, or risograph printing. 

What kind of classes are available for book binding? 

We offer:

+ 2-hour introduction binding courses including techniques like pamphlet, coptic, drum, and stab binding


There is something for everyone at all experience levels. Check out book binding classes here!

Linoleum Carving

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What is linoleum carving? 

In linoleum carving, artists carve an image into a rubber-based block or pad. The artist carves away material they do not want to make contact with the paper. The part left is the image that is then inked up and printed onto fabric, or anything else flat. This is a relief method of printmaking and is easy and accessible for lots of different experience levels. 

What kind of classes are available for linoleum carving? 

We offer:

+ 2-hour introduction courses to linoleum carving

+ 4-week linoleum carving workshops where participants carve 2 blocks and print onto paper and fabric 


There is something for everyone at all experience levels. Check out linoleum classes here!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What should I wear for a workshop?

Please wear clothes that you will be ok with getting ink on or dirty. At the studio, we provide aprons to help protect your clothes, but sometimes ink, grease, or other dirt may sneak onto your clothing that is hard to wash out. Additionally, please wear closed-toed, comfy shoes that are okay to stand on a concrete floor for multiple hours. We have chairs available but you’ll be moving around the studio quite a bit throughout the workshop.

here are some

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How early should I arrive for a workshop?

Please arrive a couple of minutes early to leave time to settle in, but no earlier than 15 minutes before the workshop start time. We have a lot of fun stuff to do in the designated workshop top, and arriving on time helps the class start and end at the designated times. 

How do I know what medium to try?

Choose something that interests you! The experience at Paradise is low-stakes, but highly creative, meaning we try and give instruction everyone can understand and explore. This empowers participants to come back and try again and build upon their skills. We encourage growth through exposure, so come try all the mediums and then continue to enroll in classes with the medium that excites you! 

Can I take the same class more than once? 

Yes! Taking a class more than once allows you to explore the medium with your knowledge from the last time. This is how we get better at things, so come back and keep printing! 

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